For Physicians

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South Bend Orthopedics takes great pride in the fact that primary care physicians, and other health care providers, refer their patients to us because of the range of specialized care we provide for our surgery and rehab patients, as well as those suffering from work-related or sports injuries. We are experts in joint replacement, sportssouth bend orthopedics medicine, trauma, hand, spine and foot / ankle care. When a patient’s condition requires the expertise of an orthopedic, sports medicine or joint replacement specialist, we want to make it easy for you to connect with one of our physicians. Contact us at 574.247.9441 for immediate physician referral service, information about educational seminars, or questions about our programs and services.

South Bend Orthopaedics has focused on providing every patient the best orthopaedic care available. SBO promises Excellence in Orthopaedics. Patients receive optimum care and doctors benefit from working together as a team.