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Your visit may require current x-rays in order to properly diagnose and treat your problem or injury. Both for your convenience and to limit your health care costs, we offer complete X-ray facilities in our office with experienced and licensed X-ray technicians on staff. X-rays taken in our office are an additional charge, but since we personally review the films, no professional radiologist fee is charged.

The part of your body being pictured is positioned between the X-ray machine and photographic film. The patient needs to remain still while the machine briefly sends electromagnetic waves (radiation) through your body, exposing the film to reflect your internal structure. The level of radiation exposure from X-rays is not harmful, but your doctor will take special precautions if you are pregnant.

Bones, tumors and other dense matter appear white or light because they absorb the radiation. Less dense soft tissues and breaks in bone let radiation pass through, making these parts look darker on the X-ray film. Sometimes, to make certain organs stand out in the picture, you are asked to be given barium sulfate or a dye.

You will probably be X-rayed from several angles. If you have a fracture in one limb, your doctor may want a comparison X-ray of your uninjured limb.