Weil Osteotomy for Claw Toe

foot surgeon Indiana, foot surgery south bend, ankle surgeon Indiana, ankle surgery IndianaPeople often blame the common foot deformity claw toe on wearing shoes that squeeze your toes, such as high heels or shoes that are too short. However, claw toe is often the result of nerve damage caused by diseases like diabetes or alcoholism, which can weaken the muscles in your foot. Having claw toe means your toes “claw,” digging down into the soles of your shoes and creating painful calluses. Claw toe gets worse without treatment and may become a permanent deformity over time.

The Weil Osteotomy procedure relieves the symptons of claw toe, persistent metatarsalgia, MTP joint synovitis or MTP subluxation by shortening the end of the metatarsal at the base of the affected toe. This provides room for the to to relax and return to its normal position.

Patients are placed in a post-operative shoe or boot and recory takes from six to eight weeks.