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“For some reason I didn’t have much pain, but I dislocated my right shoulder three times so I became a little more cautious and risk-averse. Dr. Ratigan is the BEST! My range of motion is back to 100%. He made this a painless process all the way. My experience was amazing and I tell everyone about my experience with South Bend Orthopaedics.”
            Steve C.



“The pain got very intense when I would raise my arm up over my head. The pain was so bad, I would drop whatever I was holding. I wasn’t able to do much that required both arms and it restricted my day. It even affected my sleep. Since the procedure on my left shoulder, I’ve noticed the pain is almost completely gone. My movement in the shoulder is full-range now (so cool!). Dr. Yergler got everything working well and cleaned out. I really feels good and it’s nice to have both arms again."



"Everyone was wonderful. They made a tough situation easier to deal with. They really care and that makes all the difference. Everything was explained clearly so I could understand it. I’m grateful for all they have done for me. I have already recommended SBO and one of my friends had his shoulder repaired. He too is doing well.”
            Dan H.



“I couldn’t move my right arm without severe pain. It was difficult and painful to raise my right hand over my head. The pain and range of motion limitations affected every aspect of my activities and daily life. I had my right rotator cuff repaired and it took away the pain and gave me back my movement. The staff at South Bend Orthopaedics took great care of me and educated me on what I needed to do to achieve the best possible outcome. I couldn’t ask for better care and better people. They didn’t just provide physical care, they provided education and a genuine personal interest in my welfare.”
            Richard B.



“The pain in my shoulder was intense enough to make me at night, almost every day for years. It was a struggle at times to lift anything high above my head, even light weight items. Even during the day, the pain was enough to take several Aleve tablets daily. As intense as the pain used to be, all of a sudden it was gone! It was terrific to be able to sleep all night again without taking pills. At my first checkup after surgery, I personally told Dr. Rozzi how great of a job he did and how the mobility was better every day."